A Letter From A Loyal Donor

"Recently we sold our home in Breckenridge where we had lived for almost 13 years. We had also lived in Frisco and Silverthorne, for a total of 26 years, this has been our home for such a long time and we have loved it! We became connected to this wonderful community thanks to the Summit Foundation. We attended many events sponsored by the Summit Foundation and made many friendships that have made such a difference in our lives. The philanthropy Awards evening was when we realized that this organization was one that we wanted to stay “connected” to no matter if we lived here or not. We have many special stories of people and other nonprofits and local businesses that we know that have made a huge impact on the locals. We have moved to a lower elevation but we have a second home in Summit County that we will visit from time to time and it will give us an opportunity to keep up with our friends and the organizations that mean so much to us.

So if you have moved away and want to stay “connected” consider making an effort to reach out to the Summit Foundation from time to time for the latest news and and keep making those donations to keep your favorite community going!!"


Marge Gavenda