It’s been a long haul since we first uttered these words way back in March. We truly had no idea then, and likely do not know now, how much longer we will need to rely on one another to guard the health of our community. It is a large task made up of multiple small gestures. At The Summit Foundation, our vision statement is simple, “Enabling you to make an impact in our mountain community.” Daily, we focus on making positive community impacts as we aspire to be the soul of the Summit. For those who give, we have witnessed how the accumulation of small personal sacrifices can make life-changing impacts, with over $400,000 distributed to local nonprofits dedicated to easing the pandemic burden for our neighbors in need.

At our recent board meeting, we noted with alarm that our community is at a crossroads. In the face of these very real concerns, our vision remains unchanged. Each of us can make an impact. An act of kindness, remembering a mask, keeping distance and respecting public health orders are the simple gestures now so sorely needed. We know, too, Summit’s collective soul shines brightest when we voluntarily lift up our neighbors, protect our businesses and refuse to let anger or malice dictate our actions. So we at The Summit Foundation are committed to taking these actions to make an impact and protect our community, and we believe our community has the grit to make these sacrifices. We will remember we still are all in this together. Working together, we can be stronger and safer. We want to extend our thanks to each of you who have come together with generosity and kindness to make an impact and forge the soul of the Summit.

Cindy Bargell, The Summit Foundation Board of Trustees President
The Summit Foundation Board of Trustees