Forging a path to help others live their highest vision

Throughout 2021, The Summit Foundation Board and staff engaged in a strategic planning process that included a community needs analysis, risk assessment, and analysis/reaffirmation of our purpose and role in the community. We obtained and listened to extensive input from our community partners, donors, businesses, and other stakeholders.

We are pleased to share our new strategic plan goals that will guide our work in the coming years.


We are inspired and guided by our vision, mission, and core values/beliefs. These are not just words, but principles that we uphold in our work, our interactions, and our intentions in everything we do.


We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to access what they need to be successful. These principles are paramount in everything we do, including our scholarships, grants, and our work in the community. We are committed to learning and growing. Read our full statement HERE.


The goals of the Strategic Plan are the priorities that The Summit Foundation Board and staff utilize as a guide to make a difference in our community. The goals are action-oriented, and each goal has strategies, tactics, and measurements tied to them with specific tasks and timelines. If you would like a copy of the full strategic plan, please contact us.


The fabric of our community depends on people being able to live where they work. The Summit Foundation is focused on helping working families to be able to live here, thrive, and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Our quality of life consists of many different factors, and we support and honor all aspects of our community - including access to opportunity for all, youth development, health including mental health, sports and recreation for all, arts and culture, natural beauty, and environment.


As the local community foundation, it is our intent to always work in collaboration with others in our community. We are committed to the power of collaboration, and our work is stronger and more impactful if a variety of voices and viewpoints are heard and considered. We know from the feedback we received during the strategic planning process that we are seen as the community leader, and we honor and embrace that role.


Thanks to all of our community partners, thousands of donors, and so many others who care about this community we call home and are willing to work together to help each other and make an impact.