Charitable Funds

We are community experts and can provide you with information about our mountain community’s nonprofit organizations and community needs. We will arrange site visits to charities of interest to you and discuss ways to best meet your philanthropic goals.

We cannot do what we do without the generous support of our donors and will go above and beyond to help you create your legacy in our community.

Explore Our Funds

Community Fund

Gifts made to The Summit Foundation’s annual fund enable over $4 million to be awarded annually in grants to local nonprofit organizations and in scholarships to local high school graduates. Donate today.

Endowment Fund

Designed to offer support for our community for years to come, our endowment fund is invested wisely to support the long-term financial health of the organization and our community. A portion of the premier patron pass program contributions are directed to this fund and donations can also be made directly to the endowment for long-term legacy gifts. Annually, The Summit Foundation may allocate up to 3.5% of this fund for high impact, community-wide projects.

Peaks Society Fund

In an effort to use planned gifts to both provide immediate community benefit as well as support the long-term financial health of the organization, this fund is allowing The Summit Foundation to augment its support of nonprofit organizations. Proceeds received through bequests, annuities, trusts, retirement plans or insurance policies are directed to the Peaks Society Fund.

Donor Advised Funds

A simple way to create your permanent legacy and offer support for your favorite nonprofit organizations in our community. It’s like having your own family foundation without the administration and expense. You can establish a fund with The Summit Foundation today and then distribute to the charitable causes of your choice on an ongoing basis.

Philanthropic Funds

Since 1999, The Summit Foundation has been honored by the establishment of nearly 60 philanthropic funds. These funds provide significant additional distributions to many of the nonprofits and students The Foundation supports.

  • Memorial Funds
    A memorial fund is often established in memory of a loved one so others may donate and honor that individual’s legacy in our community. Memorial funds may be used generally for the work of The Summit Foundation or designated for a specific purpose or need.
  • Field of Interest Funds
    A field of interest fund is designed to address specific community needs, for example education or the environment. A committee of The Summit Foundation’s Board oversees the distributions to nonprofit organizations, which may be made through the regular grant process or as needs arise in the community.
  • Scholarship Funds
    Our scholarship funds provide post-secondary education support for worthy local high school graduates. You decide what type of student you would like to assist, and The Summit Foundation finds the perfect match for you through our scholarship selection process. If you’d like, you can meet the student in person. A scholarship is a great way to know that you are making a significant impact in the lives of the local students.
  • Agency Endowment Funds
    For donors who wish to benefit a particular charitable organization, an agency endowment fund may be established to support the long-term health of that organization. The organization or any of its donors may add to these funds at any time, and the nonprofit has the option of receiving annual distributions from the interest earned or reinvesting the funds.
  • Designated Funds
    A designated fund is traditionally created to benefit a particular nonprofit organization. A spending policy is created upon development of the designated fund agreement.