Live Your Dreams Scholarship
Summit Alumni Giving Back

The “Live Your Dreams” scholarship helps a Summit County graduate pursue their dreams by reducing the financial burden they face when applying to post-secondary education. It was created by past Summit County students, for present and future Summit County students.

Every year, countless students settle for less than their dreams because they can’t afford them. They may have wanted to study out of state or attend a dream school, but finances prevent them from getting that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As adults who may have already attended colleges, universities, or training programs; have careers; and experienced traveling, we can help others have the opportunities that we had and ensure that not just our own kids—but all kids—can live their dreams.

To help alumni double their impact, community members Mike and Jenny Lundin have generously offered to match the first $5,000 raised for this award.

Return The Favor And Support A Local Student


Here's how it works:

  • All Summit County alumni are invited to participate in this scholarship.
  • Donors will commit to a lump sum or monthly donations, beginning as a one-year trial. If interest is sustained after one-year, then we’ll keep it going!
  • A running list of donors will be created with basic info (name, location, industry) so that we can make connections with alumni in our own graduating year and across classes (we may also have a virtual meeting once or twice/year to connect!).
  • We know that everyone’s financial situation is different. As a result, here is a possible guideline for minimum donations based on salary

Together We Make A Difference! $50 monthly donations from 40 students supports a $20,000 college scholarship.

Recommended Donation Amount (minimum)

Yearly Salary



Under $15,000
$250,000 or more

NOTE: Should you have additional earned or inherited wealth and are willing to contribute more, please do so! Wealth is likely a better indicator of one’s ability to donate, but income is often easier to identify quickly.

Spread The Word!

If you aren’t in a place to make a financial donation, you can still help the cause. Use our social media toolkit to share one of The Summit Foundation’s posts about the scholarship or create one of your own. Emails to friends and family can also go a long way. CLICK HERE for the Live Your Dreams Scholarship social media toolkit.

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