Support for Nonprofits

We offer a variety of services through our Nonprofit Resources for Grantees (NRG) program. This program enhances the leadership and capacity of our local nonprofits, while offering essential partnerships and expertise. The Summit Foundation understands how critical the work done by local nonprofits is to our community, and we are committed to supporting the infrastructure and leadership of our grantees. NRG helps to elevate the amazing work already being done in our mountain communities while supporting our leaders behind it.

NRG has multiple facets:

  • Executive Volunteer Corps
    Matching high-level volunteer expertise with nonprofit leaders for short-term assistance and project-based advice.
  • Executive Director Roundtable
    An opportunity for the leaders of our community's nonprofits to network, develop professionally, and invest in themselves.
  • Workshops
    Bringing in subject matter experts to provide professional development and training for nonprofits.
  • Manager Leadership Series
    A program for mid-level managers, designed to strengthen skills in building community, inspiring confidence and independence in their employees, and creating a positive working environment.