A 6-month program for mid-level managers designed to strengthen skills in building community, inspiring confidence and independence in their employees, and creating a positive working environment.


Participants will

  • reflect on their own leadership and have an opportunity to focus on key growth or interest areas.
  • gain key knowledge and insight that will propel them forward as a leader at their workplace.
  • engage with other managers in the community to discuss challenges, successes, and opportunities.
  • participate in coaching circles, round table discussions, and learning workshops.


The Manager Leadership Series includes a mix of workshops and coaching circles/connection days. Participants are asked to carry a provided journal and be fully present in the experience through intentional reflection, journaling, and discussion. Course participants must commit to attend the entire series, as the most meaning comes from connection with others and building relationships.

This course is full paid for by the Summit Foundation NRG program.

MLS Session 3 (Hike)