The Bright Futures Fund, Elevating Our Work in Education

We know that a healthy community is a welcoming place where families can live and thrive where they work, and people can enjoy their lives and our beautiful surroundings.

Our Bright Futures Fund, in honor of our 40th Anniversary, invests in the sustainability of Summit County’s local workforce by creating career paths to local jobs in the trades. This year we are raising $2M that will be invested into these initiatives:

Providing Larger Scholarships for Low Income and First-Generation Students. Knowing the large financial commitment college places on families and students, the Summit Foundation is committed to offering more 4-year scholarships—with a priority on low-income and first generation students.

Creating Career Paths. We are elevating our partnerships with Colorado Mountain College, Summit School District, and local businesses to launch a Special Initiative that will create a Trades and Apprenticeships Program which will connect local students to career paths for local jobs.

Investing in the education of our workforce and helping to fill the gaps in our skilled trades industry will open doors for youth in our community to choose to stay in Summit County to build their lives and raise their families. We are dedicated to being a key leader in sustaining our middle class for years to come.

Give to the Bright Futures Fund

Our success over the last 40 years has been a community-wide effort. Donations of every size have contributed to the success we have had supporting education for youth in Summit County.

We invite you to honor our shared legacy of supporting a thriving community for all by contributing to our Bright Futures Fund at an amount that is meaningful to you. We encourage you and your coworkers or friends to learn more about our efforts and have fun with it. All donations of any size are appreciated and literally add up!

Generous local donors Kym Rapier and Glynn Verette have stepped forward to offer a Million Dollar Challenge to the community for the 40th Anniversary Bright Futures Fund. Every gift up to the next $1M will be effectively doubled!

Contact our Development Director Kristin Williams for any questions or to schedule a meeting to learn more about this exciting new initiative!